Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A quiet start

Well, I'm taking the Etsy plunge. It's not exactly a rip-roaring start, but I've listed my first item. I'm starting with the last set of stars that I have left--the stars that were published last year in Somerset Studio's Gallery IV publication. You can look here for more information: www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5110495 (okay, I tried to make that a link, but it just isn't working for me. I apologize, but you'll have to cut and paste...)

As for my own home, well, we still don't have our Christmas tree up--it's a record--it's usually up soooo much sooner. But most of the rest of the decorating is done. Here is my set of stars, displayed on my buffet this year.

We have grouped things this year, so the piano has been dubbed "Christmas Town" by the kids, because of all the little houses. We also have angels on the mantle and snowfolk all over the table behind the couch. I'm pretty sure there is another small snowman hiding in the back closet, but he might just stay there this year. Hah! See what one gets for hiding! And if anyone reading this participated in the Advent tag swap I was in last year, we're enjoying opening all our little surprises everyday! But we still need our tree...

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