Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Post Post & Wishes for What Comes Next

Christmas now past, I am thinking ahead to the blessings of a new year and what things should be important in my life. To hang onto that little touch of Eternity--that is one idea. To remember that whatever I plan, there is a greater plan that always supersedes my little thoughts. Last year was a year of change for me in many ways. While not being one to look for supernatural where it's not, I did see last spring that God sent me a message about sacrifice through a dream (btw, the first time and so far the last time, the Lord has communicated with me in such a manner. There are other routes He uses more frequently--for all of us who will listen, beginning with opening His Word. Okay, preaching ends now. :-D ). Not knowing where the sacrifice would come from, I trusted and started walking. The big one was changing Bible study. The second biggest was taking a position teaching art. These were both post-dream, and consequently post-husband's new self-employment--yeah! That was a big one, too--you betcha!

So, as I head into this year, I am wondering what changes lie ahead again. A friend recently sent me an e-mail about what changes she will be making and they are so inspiring, although small and not life-shattering. Do our changes always need to be monumental to be of consequence? Two degrees off isn't much when close to the locus, but it becomes a surprisingly large gap as one moves outward, until the two degrees feels likes miles off-course.

So, the little things are important after all. Does resolving to actually pick the flowers in my garden seem like a worthy goal? If I see them as messengers from God it suddenly does. Just choosing to be kind seems like an impossible task on some days, but I am convicted by remembering that what I do/do not do unto the least of my brethren, I have done/not done as service unto my King. These little tasks suddenly take on the largest importance. What will I sacrifice to make sure my treasures are stored correctly? What sacrifices will be asked of me that I was not expecting?

I may not know what is awaiting me in this new year, but I do know that my path, while dark, is not dark. Does that make sense? I feel like I am looking at the back side of the tapestry and the colors and patterns do not make sense. Yet I know that someday I will see the other side and it will be unexpectedly lovely because of the hand of the Maker. It certainly won't be the colors I've tried to hand Him, but what He has made of all these things, despite my so-called help. 'For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' (Jeremiah 29:11)

My desires for this year? Being more consistent in all things. Looking for opportunities to do unto the least. Remembering that my family is the training ground for my interaction with everyone else and not the place to let down my guard and show my natural heart (how do I forget this so continually? Yes, they still love me, but I'm not always sure why). Using the talents I've been given for His service (along with using the art supplies I've already amassed!). Enjoying those flowers this year and sharing them with others. Maybe, possibly, reading through all those books that come home with me on 50%-off-book-day at St. Vinny's. And holding tight to the touch of the Eternal that I feel so much stronger at Christmas, when I am thinking about the birth of the Saviour.

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Izabella Blue said...

Larin~ Your writing leaves me speechless! a writer & an artist!

thanx for visiting my blog & leaving a note :)

I am putting up a link to your blog on my new typepad blog~ but it's a secret blog for now :) xo ~Bella