Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I'm supposed to be making a Christmas stocking for a dear friend. But I'm stuck--just not in the groove tonight, even though I've looked at hundreds of eye candy images trying to get groovy. So I'll procrastinate a bit and post some recent things.

First up, it's been a bird kind of life lately. We went on a field trip last week and en route saw this magnificent great blue heron standing in the icy river. Usually they fly away the moment you stop, but this one must be used to the people walking by in the park because it stayed put--even while we were in the movie. The students were excited to still see it when we left almost an hour later.

Then my daughter and I spent a day shopping (it wasn't meant to be whole day, but you know how things go--one sale just leads to another...) and upon returning home she spotted this owl in our willow tree. It watched me as I circled for the best shot, but I didn't want to antagonize it with the flash--something about birds of prey and their claws kept coming to mind. It is so amazing to see God's creatures so close. Sorry for the bit of blur--evening and all that.

Well, on to some recent projects. I've enjoyed making bottlecap bracelets and finally found the same small chain again this weekend (part of all that shopping!) at a local hardware store.

I've also made some angels, but I'm not sure if I'm happy enough with them to share. Stars; I need to make some stars to sell. Doll clothes and bath robes are also on the list of things to do. Cookies for an exchange this weekend. I made a wall hanging for a friend who recently married, but that is for another post because I photographed the process as I went. ATCs and Christmas cards. A sort of fat book page for a friend. Charms--ooh, I'll have to post those--they turned out great, but I haven't photographed them yet. I've been reading a fascinating book about decoding much of Western art--how to understand who the people in them are and why artists chose certain subjects, etc. Shakespeare posters for school: we're doing collagraphs and I'm flying blind on this one. Never done them and haven't had time to complete one at home ahead, but we'll make it work. Hmm, there just is always something.

So, to my dear friend, if you are reading this, don't worry--I'll get the stocking made, just probably not tonight...

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