Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Some new art

I've actually had some creative time this week. Yay, oh yay! Since the sewing machine conviently lives on the dining room table, fabric was the medium of choice. The pillow is themed for Mother's Day and went to my retail space where I am hoping someone will find it and want to make it hers.

This little quiltlet was originally planned as a pillow, but just wanted to be something else. Having recently read Lesley Riley's CPS article, I was excited to try her pillowcase quilt method, which worked very nicely.

After a bit of drilling (I was already drilling holes in a book) I was able to finish up these little lids, too. Finishing projects always feels good.

1 comment:

Joyful House Farms said...

Hi, LaRinda! I love your pillow and little quiltlet - so breezy, fresh, and feminine. I'd love to be able to see some in person sometime!