Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Heart Musings

new green
lifting, singing, flying
refreshing life and beauty

lively soothing
blooming, knowing, praising
live for the heavens

fleeting babe
loving, laughing, being
freedom of my heart


Serra55 said...

I'm Serra from LMT. This is the best blog I've ever enjoyed. Your quotes touch me; looking at your fresh, Spring primrose remind that mine, sweltering now in the heat, and withered, will again look refreshed. Your daughter on her bike with so much free space made my heart glad that someone still has that. Good for you that you could provide that for her.

larin said...

Thanks Serra! Your comments are so encouraging. I love taking pictures of my garden, and the flowers never cease to amaze me--how they look at different stages and how much they can teach us about life and God's creation if we just listen. That picture of my daughter always makes me want to cry--she's like a bird getting ready to fly... --LaRinda