Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So the days go by

There is always something to occupy my time lately. I just wish it wasn't so much work. Oh well, I guess I need to clean off the dining room table every now and then--hee hee. Yesterday I spent some time photographing some items and listing them on Etsy. Most of them are various supplies I've collected and won't be using, but there are also some new waxed stars and some sets of bookmarks. If you want to check them out, visit my Etsy shop. I hope to stay on track and add some more stuff later today, but since my library books are looming due (at a fairly local University and I've already extended the deadline once) I should probably finish at least a couple.

Aesthetics. That's the current topic. I think the academic brain is finally coming back (it only took 30 chapters so so!)--or maybe the topic just changed enough that my mom brain is now comprehending. Or maybe it's the quiet reading time from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. that is allowing me to focus better...

Who knows, but the contemplation of beauty and what it means has made me want to go out and water my flowers. But it's too hot so now I'm too tired and I haven't even gone outside yet. Perhaps laying on the couch will bring back my motivation, but what's that? Socks on the floor. Now whoever could have put those there? Ah, wait, these are my daughter's, so I'll just pop into her room and oh my! What a frightful disaster. What kind of mother lets her child live in a room like this. This will never do so I'd better march right downstairs and get her to come up and clean it. Well, how come this bowl never made it back upstairs? I guess I'd better take it upstairs before I forget. Drat! Look at all those dishes piled up-how do we use so many in a day--I mean I just did them yesterday. Which reminds me, I need to call the insurance to see if they've processed our claim yet. But there are messages on the phone--I wonder who called and how I missed them... And so on. Anyone else have a life that resembles this situation?

Wait--I have a solution (no, not fire! We already had a close call with that!). If I just leave out the punctuation I can pretend I'm living in a James Joyce stream-of-consciousness novel, right? No reality here. It will return tomorrow. But wait, tomorrow is one day before the library books are due and we're going to the beach, so I'd better read today. Oh Mr. Kant, where are you?

P.S. In the time it has taken blogger to attempt to post this message I've actually gone outside and deadheaded my flowers and watered while I read. Really, I did!

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Carrie Barron said...


That sounds a lot like my days as the food service manager at the camp I work at. I guess maybe God's preparing me for the days when I become a mom.

I like your bookmarks and, of course, your stars. I love your choice of colors.