Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Early Bird Award Goes to...

...this fellow. Can you imagine? I can't--coming from the clan of the perpetually late, the early bird award isn't one we're holding our breath over. But it does leave me wondering how this sort of thing gets to be one of the top mentioned stories on MSN? Nothing more important going on in the world?

Sorry, was that sarcasm?


mormar said...

I just came upon your blog from tattered edge. Then I started to read some of it and saw that you mentioned Jeanine Grende, which is a coincidence, she lives by my sister.

mormar said...

I just saw in the paper that she was the festival artist...My sister owns the gas station there in Kootenai..

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

The early wedding guest story made me giggle anyway.

I happened to have been 'forced' to watch an entire hour of poorly done TV news yesterday waiting to see my 83 year old Dad who was interviewed at an airshow regarding his B17 WWII experience - (which was really neato by the way) - but the hour of so-called news preceding the short interview was brainless - LOL!
There were basically three stories drilled and redrilled into our viewing brains.

So - while this early bird story seems unimportant in the grander scale of life news - it was much more meaty than the stuff I had to sit through LOL ...
and a bit of non-violent, non-sensational and non-scandalous news is a good break just the same!
Thanks for posting it :)