Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Recent life in pictures

I'm taking a cue from my friend Andi and posting some life without much text just pics. Hey, don't they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Just think how much time we're saving on reading it all this way. ;-)

4th of July

Swaps in Yahoo groups: first up, inchies.

Next we have charms for swaps, in process and done:

Summer field--the pic wasn't very good, so I goofed with it a bit.

Prepping for the 4-H dog show. Okay, the dog didn't go in the fitting and showing class this way! The spoils? My daughter won a blue and a red and we all lived throught it. Now I remember why I quit showing horses, though.

New art in progress. This piece was started last spring and is finally moving forward. A new palette of colors for me--I don't usually use greens and yellows without pink and I avoid orange like the plague. Well, unless it's with some pink...

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Lennea said...

Love the photos! The sun streaming through the trees is sooo beautiful.