Sunday, February 11, 2007

Latest art adventures

Well, this week was a great week in some respects, but not in others. In the not category, my son and I have been sick. What at first appeared to be something icky has just turned into colds, albeit miserable ones. But out of the not, came the great. Because we were icky sick on art class day, we cancelled class, then on Wednesday our school had speech meet, so we didn't have art that day either. Combined, illness and a change in schedule made for free art time this week! What's that old expression... Oh, I've got it--hip, hip hooray!

Our school has been invited to participate in an art contest, and I've been encouraging some of my students to participate. I worked on two entries this week. Neither of these are finished, but are close now. I've just got some final details to add. The gold one will have cheesecloth behind it and a verse in the lower left corner. (Thanks to my LMT friends for their advice!) The other piece is shown before and after paint. Nothing like a nice, satisfying, coat of paint to pull it all together. I love bright colors--could you guess?

My mother is headed for a show in California, so she called to remind me to get busy on some waxed stars to go with her. She paints bright silk paintings of cowgirls (among other subjects--see her link in my list), so I'm making some stars from antique, cowboy sheet music painted in bright colors to complement her work. Yes, "The Yellow Rose of Texas" is painted yellow and "Red River Valley" has lots of red--lol! Some of the other songs are definitely not painted according to their mood, though--they'd be too gloomy!

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Dianne said...

LaRinda I love the look of your new blog. I love the heart you made too.. Isn't it amsing how the paint just gives it a whole new life of its own..The stars are beautiful very creative of you..
I hope you and your babe are feeling better.. We are expecting 70 centimeters of snow by tomorrow night won't be moving outside my door....