Sunday, February 04, 2007

A is for...

In my life A stands for:

Awesome--"Our God is an awesome God, He reigns in heaven above. In wisdom, power and love, our God is an awesome God." My relationship with the Creator affects everything I do. He plays many roles in my life: guide, strength, friend, moral compass, creativity, pricker of my conscience, and so many other things. Always He is my redeemer, my joy and my peace.

Art--my background, my childhood, my life now, my current vocation, around my home.

Able--I'm a capable person, usually very efficient.

Always--an important length of time in my life.

Angry--dare I confess it? A huge weak spot in my life, in my character, in my spiritual struggles.

Altitude--heights scare me.

Altered--my art style here in this point of my life.

Aslan--love the Narnia Chronicles.

Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas--a trio of gents that showed up in a great number of my college classes many years ago! I should probably re-read them now...

A--most of my grades, and now all of my daughter's grades so far (YAY!).

Argumentative--a character flaw I'm still learning to overcome, but overcoming. :-)

Antiquity/Ancient--a concept of time that I think about quite a bit and am learning to understand differently as I age.

Aging--I do this everyday and so do you. Ha!

Aragorn--one of my favorite Lord of the Rings characters.

Alphabet--I love letters and their shapes. Typesetting was my favorite part of my life as an in-house graphic designer. I still love letters and use words in most of my art.

Architecture--something I love to photograph.

Without further taxing of my already spent brain, that's it. There must be other things, but that's where I'll stop. Stay tuned for B. Here's the link to the WordPlay web site, where this challenge originated (at least for me): Join in!

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