Tuesday, February 27, 2007

For JoAnnA

Here is a link to a couple of art pieces I did earlier this year to encourage my e-friend JoAnnA in her battle with cancer:



A great many of us made art and charms and sent them to Lelainia Lloyd who bound them into a beautiful book and sent everything to JoAnnA at just the right time. To view the whole thing:


I've actually finished a number of items lately--I just have to find the time to edit the photos and post everything. A week ago I sent three pieces of art to a contest in Tennessee. One was a drawing by a student of mine and the other two were mixed media pieces of mine. I'm curious to see how we do. The shipping was quite an adventure in itself!

But off to finish projects due tomorrow. Good night. :-)

1 comment:

Izabella Blue said...

your pieces for JoAnnA are so beautiful & touching! I am sure she appreciates all who created in this wonderful book~

LOTR!!! how fun to read the books with your children...you have inspired me! I think I shall run out & buy the books today to read to mine lil skittles

have blessed & creative day!