Sunday, March 18, 2007

From the mouths of babes

My son has been quite the corker lately.

Just last week he broke some sad news to me. As we drove to art class he asked me if we were drawing with chalk again (we just experimented with pastels in class). I told him no, and he was quiet for several seconds. Then he said, "Mom, when we go to Bible study all they give me to color with are crayons!" I wish you could hear him say it--the sadness with a tinge of disgust was almost too much for my self-control. (He really hates it when we laugh at the things he says.)

Tonight, however, was a different story. While eating dinner I was reminding him to keep his food over his plate, lest it end up on the floor. You know how kids are--he responded with a sly smile and "I've eaten things off this floor you know." This statement was very calculated and didn't phase me. "Really Mom, I have eaten off this floor." Silence. Then he leaned over conspiratorially and shared: "Once I even ate chips from under the couch cushions."

Oh, that was it. How could I keep a straight face?

Well, I couldn't.

I didn't.

I'm laughing as I share it now. The whole family sat stunned for about 20 seconds, then we all burst out laughing. I don't know how we didn't have a food/laughter disaster of large proportion. Luckily (for once) this reaction seemed to be exactly what he had hoped for. Returning to a state of normal eating etiquette was quite a challenge, but eventually we managed.

Aren't kids great? ;-)


Jamie said...


I hope this is not presumptious of me but you DON'T need to doubt your art (And so thankful to the Lord because I've been going through a time of great self-doubt about my art.) I think even great artists feel this from time to time and it only makes them strive for better understanding of their talents. YOU are a great artist. You have a gift in seeing the beauty in things and being able to translate it to the rest of us. I have devoured your websites in the wee hours of this morning and I am so lucky that I found your art. It is beautiful, thoughtful and shows such great attention to detail. Thank You, Jamie Miller

karin said...

Kids come up with the BEST stuff. That is hilarious! So cute. And my son is the same. He hates when we laugh at hime. But sometimes they are just so darn funny you can't help it! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've got you all signed up! Karin @