Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bad Mommy Award

My daughter just told me that the frozen pot pie she just ate was the best thing she's ever eaten with chicken in it (!). Now, since I cook real food on a fairly regular basis, do you suppose I deserve the Bad Mommy Award because I'm that bad of a cook? Or because I fed her a pot pie instead of cooking tonight (nah!)? Or because she obviously was starving to think that!? When was the last time she ate... Oh well. I'm in the middle of a project and if you think her meal was less than stellar, than you don't want to know what I ate! :-O Since my mom always cooked I used to think pot pies were a treat, too. And now that I'm a mom who sometimes needs quick food, I guess they're a treat again--for me! ;-)

1 comment:

platitudinal said...

You do not deserve Bad Mommy Award because you can sew amazing costumes!

Plus, kids who regularly eat home cooked meal see frozen packaged food as a treat because it's different from the norm. :)