Thursday, March 30, 2006

A few new things

Meet Louisa, who will soon be embarking on travels in my art as part of a group project for His Muse, which is a group of Christian artists on eBay. She reminds me of my great-grandmother, whose name was actually Louise. Isn't she sweet? (But not too sweet.) Our group has decided to do a challenge series of art featuring our little girls in different settings and shown with different Scriptures of our own choosing. The pieces will be auctioned every month.

We've already instituted a challenge where we each create a piece of art based on our own intrepretation of a certain Scripture each month. It has been such fun to see what each artist creates. Last month we did Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..." I made a small purse, shown here.

Next, a link to my current auctions, where I am offering several sets of ATC blanks:*offeringsQQhtZ-1

Now that I'm finally done with taxes (woohoo!), I have some time for art. Today I practiced FME (free-motion embroidery) and tomorrow I will be putting it to good use in an angel project inspired by Gustav Klimt's popular work, "The Kiss." I like his *clean* artwork. Of course, we may have a playday at the park instead. Decisions, decisions...

Good night.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You left a comment on my blog but no e-mail address (I'm the same) so have come here to wave back from Wisconsin! I "know" Sandy from a Yahoo list and follow her blog.

I'm hoping to relocate to either Sandpoint or CDA this year. Graduated from WC in 1975 - so I doubt we crossed paths there.

If you'd like to talk more, leave your e-mail on my blog as a comment. I screen all before posting so I won't publish it. We're doing very different art, but that can be a good thing!