Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Randomness (Mostly Involving Dentists)

I suppose it's time for another very random blog post before I shuffle off to dreamland tonight.

1. My dishwasher creates a rhythmic sound as it washes. I'm not sure I like it. Perhaps it should be comforting, or something, like a safe sort of household white noise. But I actually find it rather annoying.

2. My children think it's funny that they can't remember the new dentist's name. Of course, I don't know the new dentist's name either.

3. So last night I drew a cartoon about the dentist. (I've never drawn a cartoon before.)

4. I have spent hours today reading and writing about Charlemagne, only stopping to take my daughter to the dentist. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

5. (Okay, I have to tie this all together somehow...) The only rhythmic sounds at the dentist's office were also annoying. (Does that work?)

6. Need a good laugh? Watch the Dentist Secret Society sketch. My daughter wants a bazooka for her next dental visit. It will certainly be funnier than this post. (Although this post might be weirder.)


Jenny Mertes said...

Nice cartoon! I'm guessing the dentist's name is Dr. Barker. My latest annoyance is a microwave that finishes its cycle with three long, loud beeps.

larin said...

Ironically, our old dentist in Spokane was Dr. Barker, until he retired. Rather curmudgeonly, but a great dentist!

My dishwasher was making a boosh, chicka, chicka, boosh, swoosh rhythm and it totally annoys me. The microwave beeps are irritating, too. I frequently stop it just before it beeps, but it still beeps when I open the door and when I push the cancel button because the leftover seconds left in the display also bugs me. I guess I need to be more tolerant-a, ha, ha, ha! (Picture hand in the air, heading down toward the leg and my head thrown back in snarky laughter. Yeah. Noises, tolerant--not in my lifetime.) Jenny, I feel your pain. ;-)

Jenny Mertes said...

Prediction: within the next five years, you'll be able to buy a microwave with programmable beeps. You'll be able to select your "done tone" just like you can select your ring tone. Until that day, I'll keep stopping my microwave 2 seconds before the beep. Or I'll find the beeper and smash it to smithereens. (Isn't that a great word - "smithereens"?)