Wednesday, September 07, 2011

TOTALLY random thoughts, or, the confetti in my mind currently

Random thought 1: We really need to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle again soon.

Random thought 2: Those purple morning glories at my son's new school were one of the loveliest shades of purple I've seen in a long time.

Random thought 2.5: The purple hat at the store was awfully nice, too, but I get hat hair so badly.

Random thought 3: If the man at the bank had steel spikes extending from his hands he would look just like Wolverine, and it would make picking up paper a whole lot of fun.

Random thought 4: The banner on my blog has snow on it. Since it's 95 or so degrees outside I should really change it, but this is Idaho in September, which means it will snow again soon.

Random thought 5: Steampunk. How badly do I want that book? Advice?


Jenny Mertes said...

Response 1: Avoid the movie.
Response 2: God's colors are the best!
Response 2.5: I think you should buy it anyway. Just don't remove the hat till you get back home.
Response 3: Did you tell him? Better Wolverine than Edward Scissorhands.
Response 4: Perhaps a photo of purple morning glories would be in order for the next six months?
Response 5: What is Steampunk?

larin said...

Response Response 1: Will do.

Response Response 2: Absolutely!

Response Response 2.5: Not sure I'm in the mood to part with money if it's not necessary. Not sure I'm in the mood to part with the money even if it is necessary.

Response Response 3: I didn't tell him, but his co-worker said they have told him he has to be Wolverine for Halloween.

Response Response 4: The program I used to make my banner isn't available for me to use, so I haven't made any new ones lately. :-(

Response Response 5: Steampunk:
My desire: (but it was gone when I went back today)
Interesting video:
Steampunk movie: Dune

Jenny Mertes said...

That's what steampunk is? That's Wild Wild West! So I am a fan without even knowing it.

larin said...

Steampunkers unite!