Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Adventures

Random Adventure Number 1:

I went to the library last night (in a desperate search for a book that I thought I had accidentally donated, but that's a whole different adventure--it turned up safely under a bed...) and passed a car travelling without its lights on. In the spirit of living dangerously, I flashed my lights. Ha! Yes, I did! And I am still here to tell about it. They did not turn around. They did not chase me down. They did not kill all the occupants in my car. Instead, they turned their lights on and continued on their merry way. I am beginning to suspect that they weren't even gang members.

Which all goes to prove urban legends are alive and well.

Random Adventure Number 2:

Not being a lover of creative culinary endeavors (other than as the audience, and even then it's highly improved by a participation experience!), it sometimes takes me a while to use up mostly shelf-stable ingredients. Last year we had a breakfast surprise when I discovered the baking powder had lost its vitality. Tonight I've discovered that my vanilla extract has reverted to the form of its main ingredient. Unfortunately this discovery came at the expense of my favorite chocolate pudding cake. Hic. Truthfully, no baking disaster could ever rival my sister's cookies from her own recipe (granted, she was young when it happened--as opposed to her being old now? Hmm, I hope she doesn't read this...). She added all the yummy stuff, but just left out all the raising agents, which made for the hardest cookies you've ever tried. My mother was going to throw them all away when I came home to visit from college. Well, who could let an opportunity like that slip by? I took them back to the dorm and distributed them to everyone who was *lucky* enough to get the word that someone had home-baked goodies. Rotten, I know, but my roommate and I never had to share any care packages again. Anyway, I guess I'd better put vanilla on the grocery list. Hic.

Random Adventure Number 3:

I made a hendiadys today. I picked up a biographical sort of book on Edward Gorey at the library not long ago (no, not during yesterday's adventure), which has been intriguing. I loaned my Amphigorey to a friend and need to get it back so I can post more words. But in the meantime I joined *bold* and *sweet* (I think that was the word--I found a very long grey hair on my head the other day, too. I had to have my mom pull one out while we were in Wyoming. I wonder how that feels--pulling your daughter's grey hair out?) to make a nice and intriguing hendiadys (ha ha).

Another unusual word I re-visited recently was cockalorum, as in high cockalorum. I can't remember why I knew it as a youngster, but hadn't thought of it in such a long time until I read an article about an artist recently, who was in the habit of pronouncing things to be high cockalorum. No, I can't remember who the artist was. (That grey hair was quite long; it had obviously been growing for quite some time and taking little pieces of my memory with it, said she who had always had an elephantine memory before children.) Cockalorum, if you're not familiar with the delightful word, is a reference to a self-important and boastful person or boastful talk. I'll have to dig up the artist now.

Well, I suppose it's to work I go now. We're doing Celtic knots and illuminated letters in fourth grade art tomorrow, so I need to look up examples. Good night. Go forth and use some words in a creative and fun manner, as opposed to a creatively fun manner, tomorrow. BTW, my kids and I recently spent some time reading Dr. Seuss in different accents. Quite fun; I would highly recommend it. As a matter of fact, "Green Eggs and Ham" lends itself very nicely to a Scottish accent and had the kids giggling for quite some time (sorry to those of you who naturally speak that way--I'm not trying to be disrespectful. You could try reading it in an Idaho-sort-of-fashion--we wouldn't be offended. And you have to admit that giggling children are much nicer than bickering children!).

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