Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Holohan Sisters

During our weekly library trips I've been checking out different CDs to try to find some new music, especially things that inspire my creative spirit. I can usually tell within three or tour tracks whether or not I would ever listen to something twice, and truthfully I haven't found much that I've liked (I'm rather particular about music I guess). Several weeks ago I tried the Chieftains and found several songs I quite liked, including "The Foggy Dew". While looking for it on YouTube I found this wonderful gem. My grandma used to sing me old cowboy songs and old folk songs, but I hadn't heard this one. Beautiful voices. BTW, in the last blog reorganization I moved the music plug-in up so it's easier to get to it to turn off the music playing already. Enjoy!

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Healing Expressions said...

HI Larinda...I tried to email but I am not sure if it got through! Thanks so much for stopping by and peeking in! What a new world this blog deal is! Its been so fun to "find" sweet gals from past groups! Your creations are delightful as always!
God Bless all your hands work!