Saturday, June 16, 2007

How unusual am I? How unusual are you?

I've been tagged to share seven things about me--unusual things, habitual things, or things no-one else knows. After that I'll tag seven more people. So, here goes:

1. I find 4-leaf clovers all the time, anywhere there is clover. But I believe in God, not luck.

2. I once taught short story writing in a prison. The class ended after only about five sessions when a couple of my students were released and my star student was thrown into lockup (the others just quit coming). When I quit, the volunteer coordinator told me that I had lasted longer than the poetry teacher!

3. I'm a Tintin fan. My grandma brought me "The Black Island" from Martinique when I was quite young, but it was in French, so I couldn't read it until my mom found an English copy when I was in the fourth grade.

4. I really detest most chick flicks. That goes for chick fiction, too. I'm not terribly sentimental. Give me "Lord of the Rings" anyday--I much prefer adventure and action.

5. I should be a member of the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things.
(Yes, I used to watch Monty Python, but don't much anymore.) My office is a constant battle against large piles of things, although my fabrics are all filed by color and my buttons are sorted by color and my beads are sorted by color, my spices are sorted by color--okay, not really, but I am noticing a pattern here.

6. I've always wanted to go to England and used to watch soccer just to hear the accent (so I could practice my own) when I was a kid. Instead I've been to Canada, eh.

7. I still have my Viewmaster and all my disks of pictures, as well as my Breyer horse collection. I rarely throw anything away--see #5. ;-)

Hmm, unusual enough? Now I have to tag seven other people to share seven random facts, sooo, how about:
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I still don't know how to get the links to show up. Help, anyone? I try the little link thingy at the top of the posting page and it just doesn't work, so you'll have to copy and paste to your browser to visit my friends' pages. It just seems so, so, low tech--the horror!


Carol said...

I just created a little tutorial for you on how to create hot links.

You will find it on my blog at the left hand side under Tutorials.

Dianne said...

I love your blog heading and was gonna tell you how to add the links but I see our teacher Carol has already done that wow what a woman she is.. Oh and thanks for tagging me ggrrr LOL...
I don't think your unusual at all and the things you wrote were really intersting..
teaching in the jails well great for you womn...

tenacious phenmonkey said...

i read, i posted, enjoy!

Patti Moore said...

So glad you enjoyed the TAG, Larin! :)

Thanks for adding me to your link list... I have added your bloggy to mine!


REACHnews said...

re: #4: I'm with you, I'll take a good action flick anytime... although I admit to liking a couple of movies considered "chick flicks".

re: #5: It's called "Flat Surface Syndrome" or FSS. My husband and I both suffer from this, more him than me. However, I know where everything is in my piles. Where's that pink piece of paper? in the third pile, halfway down....