Monday, May 28, 2007

Magic Bean of Power

So, if you had a magic bean of power what would you wish for? After flicking remains of tonight's dinner from the table to the floor and receiving a reminder that there will be no bean-flicking, but rather bean-throwing-away, my DD asked "But what if it's a bean of power?" I said, "Then wish for something important."

She wished for our car trunk to not be broken. (The aftermath of our most recent adventure with emergency personnel. The car is going to be totalled. This is both a good thing and a bad thing--but back to the regularly scheduled post...)

My son wished for his room to be clean.

Well, if you're five that's important, I guess. ;-)

So, if you had a magic bean of power, what would you wish for?


tenacious phenmonkey said...

ok...i'm not sure if this is the right blog. i see that you have three that you do. um, you commented on mine the other day, so i want to make sure i have the right one. do i?

larin said...

Yup, this is the one I use for life, faith, art, etc. My Louisa blog is a specific art/storytelling project that I haven't had time for since I've been teaching this year and the other one is to try to learn html--another thing I haven't had much time for. --L

tenacious phenmonkey said...

nice. i'll add you to my blog roll if that is cool.

larin said...

Cool with me :-) Thanks!