Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Art History Challenge

This last week I have greatly enjoyed preparing for and teaching art history. Starting with a review of Greek and Roman ideals, then moving through the Byzantine, Renaissance, etc., we are rapidly (?) moving toward and ending point with the Post-Impressionists. Okay, maybe we're not moving so rapidly, and if we don't pick up the pace we may stop sooner if we're out of time. But it's so interesting and it's so hard to pick just a few paintings from over 800 years! I've discovered so many new works and some new favorites.

Always one to share the fun, I've decided to try some art history challenge questions here on my blog. So to start, here's an amazing painting from 1820-1823. Who is the artist and what is it called? If this proves too easy, then I'll make the next one tougher, and if it proves too tough, I'll add some clues. Sound good? Then take a look.

4*16*07 Okay, today I am adding a hint. The painter is categorized as part of the Romantic time period, and it is from the cycle of paintings known as his "Black Paintings".

4*17*07 I should have better explained how I'll handle this project. If you think you know send me a comment with your guess. The following week I'll post the answer and a new challenge. :-)


Skye said...

Ok, I cheated and I now know the name of the painter, the year and the name of the painting..I won't give the answer for others who'll get it because of their knowledge. But I wanted to thank you for doing this, cause I enjoyed the trip getting here.

Denise said...

is that renoir? A self portrait? didn't he get depressed sometimes?

larin said...

It's not Renoir, and their lives missed overlapping by about 20 years. I don't know about renoir and depression, but I do know that this artist certainly seemed to have a dreary outlook on much of life--maybe caused by the times in which he lived or the things that happened to him. Thanks for joining in! :-) --L

larin said...

Skye, glad you enjoyed it! Tune in next time! --L

Nola said...

OK, Larin, I didn't know this one but I found it with your clue. Fun challenge!